My Redeemer Lives!

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    For I know that my Redeemer lives. Job 19:25

    I have been reading more and more of Charles Spurgeon lately. He likes to dissect verses, like the following:

    Redeemer – to redeem something means to purchase it, to pay a price to make it your own. (Read the book of Ruth for a great example of the concept of a redeemer.) Jesus is our Redeemer – He paid the highest price possible (His life) to redeem us out of slavery to sin, and now we belong to Him.

    My – Just as gold buried in a mine is good but gold in your hands is better, so is a Redeemer who is my own and who redeems me better than a Redeemer who is not necessarily mine. Jesus is your Lord; He is your Redeemer; He personally redeemed you. Do not hold him with a feeble hand; with faith claim Him as your Redeemer.

    Lives – Jesus was crucified and died as the penalty for your sins, but now He lives! Death did not conquer Him; He conquered death! Sin and death have no power over Christ. Jesus our Redeemer lives!

    I know – we can have confident hope and assurance that Jesus died for us and He lives today. Do not say “I think” or “I hope so”; know it as a fact! No if’s, but’s or perhaps’es. These words were uttered by Job centuries before Jesus ever walked the earth. Believe in full confidence the fact that Jesus our Redeemer lives.

    For I know that my Redeemer lives!

1 yazı görüntüleniyor (toplam 1)
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