Hello Everyone!

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    Hi Everyone! I hope all is well and I look forward to be a great contributor to this community. Feel free to introduce yourself so I can get to know you better…


    Juimbrimb welcome… Here, as you see it is a forum uploaded from Christians that happens to be Turks in their ethnic origins or, at least, Turkish speaking people… This is not prohibitory to any person who has goodwill to participate of course… It is the inherent to Christianity openness element which makes it be so after all.

    Beside, all human beings are brothers and sisters to each other, originally. The thing that remains to happen is to be healed from the blindness which hinders the realization of this fact… And such a healing is possible only by God’s grace… :-)

2 yazı görüntüleniyor - 1 ile 2 arası (toplam 2)
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