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1. Demons Attacking From the Outside With No Legal Right To Be Doing So

For most Christians, this first level will be the one they will probably have to face the most from time to time. This first level is when a demon or a group of demons start to attack you from an outside position with no real legal right to be doing so.
Jesus Himself had to face Satan head on with this kind of an outside attack when God led Him into the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights. In that wilderness setting, Satan was allowed to literally tempt Jesus with three specific temptations.
If God allowed His Son to be tempted in this manner, then you know the chances are very good that many of you will have to face this same kind of demonic attack from time to time from this same kind of outside position.
We already have another article in our site titled “Battle Command Against Demonic Spirits” in the “Spiritual Warfare” section of our site. In that article, I show you exactly how to deal with a demonic attack coming at you from this kind of an outside position. In that article, I give you a good, basic, simple battle command in which you can use to drive any demons off from you that are attempting to attack or come directly against you.
Jesus has already given us His power, His anointing and His authority to cast out demons and to trample over all the power of our enemies. It simply is a matter of each and every Christian being willing to take up his sword, which is the Word of God, and verbally command the demons to leave you in the name of Jesus Christ. It really is that simple in this first level of spiritual warfare in dealing direct with any kind of demonic attack.