You Are Turning These Kids Into Murderers…

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    You are turning these kids into murderers…
    Friday, April 20, 2007

    Mehmet Ali Birand

    I am sure it has hurt you very much, too.

    You must have lamented when you thought about those killed, when you come upon such a scene whilst we have been trying to build this country brick by brick in order to take it some place.

    I have been reading and watching foreign newspapers and television channels since yesterday, and my eyes have been filled to the brim with tears.

    Right now, as far as world public opinion is concerned, there is no difference between the events in Turkey and the Islamic terrorists that slash the throats of their hostages' in Iraq. The murders there are committed in the name of religion, and the ones here also act in the name of religion. They, too, slaughter Christians, and the ones here either slaughter them or shoot them.

    There is no difference between them.

    The target is always the same: The infidels!

    What is their message?

    It is always the same.

    We do it in the name of our motherland… The motherland is disintegrating; it is being lost… They constitute a threat to our religion.

    Who are the murderers?

    Youth between the ages of 15 and 20…

    Most of them are unemployed young people, who try to study or who stroll around the streets because they cannot go to school.

    But even more crucial are those people who get a hold of such people, direct them in coffeehouse corners and homes of friends, arm them and point out a target to them.

    They say the motherland is being lost. They say the European Union is dividing it, that it is being given away to the United States. They provide an ideal for these unemployed youth with nothing to do. They say, “Come, let us save the motherland.” They provoke them by arguing that foreigners have been buying out the country's land and that the threat against our religion has been intensifying. They say, “Come comrades, let us teach them a lesson.”

    They single out one or two of them and hand them a special mission. They name the target. They explain how the threats they have been stated above can be stopped and they encourage murder.

    Lacking an ideal, a job, an education, that young kid throws himself right into the fire without even realizing it and suddenly turns into a killer.

    Those who are really accountable stay in the clear.

    We all know them.

    Some give speeches on television, some in political parties. Some organize demonstrations on streets, inciting the killer-youth. They raid, and they threaten.

    The police know them as well. They know what they do. But, they take no action.

    And this is the real problem…

    They say, “These youngsters are religious, let's not pressure them. Let them do their jobs.”

    Their actions are overlooked with the excuse, “Let's not punish them; they are sensitive about the Armenian issue… Let's not pressure those that show their nationalist sentiments.”

    Whether it is the prime minister or interior minister, they constantly say that they “condemn the event.”

    No gentlemen, condemnation is not enough. Catch those that are coaching these murderers. You have the ability to do so. Stop murders from that are committed in the name of nationalism and religion.

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