"turkey Is Not A Muslim Club"

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    Human Rights Organization Demands More Rights For Christians

    By Wolfgang Polzer
    Special to ASSIST News Service

    FRANKFURT (ANS) – Jun 22/04 – The International Society for Human Rights (ISHR) in Frankfurt demands more rights for Turkish Christians. Turkey should not only recognize the Kurdish culture but also that of other minorities such as Aramaic and Assyrian Christians.

    Turkey is striving for membership in the European Union and is responding to demands for greater respect for minority rights. Radio and television programs in the Kurdish language have recently been introduced.

    ISHR also reminds Turkish leaders of a demand by the European Parliament that Turkey should officially acknowledge the Armenian genocide. 1.5 million Armenian Christians were murdered by Turks in 1915. Turkey has always denied the massacres.

    ISHR encourages the Turkish authorities to lift the ban on teaching in the Aramaic language in orthodox monasteries in the Tur Abdin region. In addition Christian should be granted access to all professions including leading positions in administration and the military.

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