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    The first thing God did to deal with Adam and Eve's sin was to cover them
    with innocent blood: “The Lord God made garments of skin for Adam and his
    wife and clothed them”(Genesis 3:21 ).God killed an animal of some kind,
    probably a sheep,ram , or goat,took its bloody skin, and made garments for
    Adam and Eve to wear. With this act, God revealed to them that the cost of
    covering their sin was the shed blood of an innocent victim. Only blood can
    cover sin. Adam and Eve tried to cover themselves with fig leaves, but that
    was inadequate because no blood was involved. They were still in their sin.

    An animal sacrifice was only a symbol of covered sin;the death of a lamb
    could never truly take away the sin of man. Only a sacrifice equal in
    stature to man would qualify. In other words, only the shed blood of a human
    being would be sufficient to cleanse human sin.Not just any human would do;
    it had to be a human without any sin of his own, a human who was already
    pure and spotless and holy.Jesus Christ,the sinless Son of God, born of the
    Virgin Mary,is the only person who met the requirment. God sent His only
    begotten Son as a sacrifice to ransom us from sin because no one else
    could. Christ alone was qualified.

    The blood of Jesus is critical. No matter how often we go to church,no
    matter how active we are,no matter how many times we receive communion,no
    matter how much money we give in the offering,and no matter how much time
    we spend helping the poor or the sick,unless we have confessed Jesus Christ
    as our Savior and Lord and allowed His blood to cover and cleanse us, we are
    still lost and are aliens from the Kingdom.Good works won't cut it. Sound
    theology won't cut it. Correct doctrine won't cut it. Only the blood of
    Jesus can cleanse us of sin and make us rightous and holy again. Good works,
    sound theology,and correct doctrine are byproducts of a growing life in the
    Spirit. But apart from the blood of Jesus they have no power.

    Because of our sin, we were spiritually dead, slaves to our sin and hostage
    to saten and his kingdom of darkness. By His death on the cross, Jesus paid
    the ronsom to free us from satan's grip.He became our substitute so that we
    could go free.Jesus became sin for us so that we could become the
    righteousness of God (2 Cor.5 :21).

    There is none like Him, nothing in this world can compare to Him.

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