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    You infidels have to convert to Islam or die

    Pakistani Christians in UK, Holland and USA meeting to condemn attack of Taliban on Churches in Karachi.

    Holland: April 23, 2009. (PCP) PCC Central Executive Committee leader Watson Gill have condemned the attack on Christians and said “It is slap on face of those leaders who claim that Christians are safe and enjoying equal rights in Pakistan” .

    An emergency meeting is underway in Luton city of UK where Christian leaders are gathering to condemn attack on Churches in Karachi by Taliban militants.

    Meanwhile Imran Masih, Irfan Masih and Qadoos Masih are admitted in hospital in serious conditions after attacks. Three Churches are burnt down and more then dozen shops of Taseer Town are turned to ashes by militants. The victims with minor inquiries are in dozens.

    The Karachi police and administration is hatching conspiracy to cover up Taliban attack and claiming it to dispute and fight among Christian minority members and Pushtons in vicinity settled from NWFP.
    The ANP leader of Sindh Amin Khatak in a press statement said that its matter of petty dispute among two communities and ANP not involved in it.

    ANP is governing NWFP and entered in truce with Swat Taliban for peace in region which is near to collapse.

    Taliban are gathering in Karachi from years and now they have surrounded Karachi City. Taliban can take control of Karachi without much resistance because they can block help to administration from sea or road in hours. Its feared that TTP have very sophisticated firearms piles in Karachi which can be used in such attacks.

    Taliban have big gatherings on RCD Highway which leads to Balochistan by their large presence in sector eleven and out skirts of Mohajar Camp.
    To cut Karachi from other parts of Sindh province Taliban are present in Sohrab Goth and Surjani Town on Karachi-Hyderabad Highway.
    On National Highway to Hyderabad, Taliban are in Landhi and Mills area while they have total control on sea by gatherings in Machar Colony, Keamari and Clifton.

    The Taseer town is in Surjani area near Super Highway and Taliban have launched first attack on Christians by chalking their slogan “Convert to Islam or get ready to die” “Christians are infidels”
    According to press media, Akram Gill Member of National Assembly of Pakistan selected by PML(Q) as protest staged walk out of session of assembly here today in Islamabad.

    Speaking on point of order Akram Gill claimed the churches were torched by masked people ‘pretending to be Taliban’. “First, they wrote ‘long live Taliban’ on the walls of the churches some days ago …. and on Wednesday, some 100 armed men entered the Christian Colony and started firing indiscriminately – killing three people – before burning the churches,” he said.

    In USA Christian leaders are meeting to convene a meeting to protest on attacks on Churches and killing of Christians.

    Mr. Manzoor Gill Chairman of Christian coalition in USA is contacting leaders for united action against attack by Taliban and to prevent Sharia law in Pakistan.

    Taliban militants kill two Christians in armed attack on Christian colony of Karachi.

    Karachi: April 22, 2009. (PCP) The Talibanization of Karachi city begins with attack of armed Taliban on a Christian colony.

    The attack was well organized and heavy firearms were used by hundreds of Taliban to threaten unarmed Christian elders, women and children. The Taliban chalked slogans against Christianity and to accept Islam on Church walls in Taseer Town in night of April 19, 2009 which horrified Christian residents.

    On April 21, 2009, the local Christians took out a peaceful procession in vicinity of Taseer Town to attract attention of local administration for protection of residents but no action was taken nor police guard were provided for protection of Church.

    On night of April21, 2009, more than one hundred masked Taliban intruded in Taseer Colony and attacked Christians with heavy machine guns. The feared Christian locked them in their homes but they pulled elders out on gunpoint’s and dragged women from hairs in streets. They loudly said “ You infidels have to convert to Islam or die. Why you cleaned our warnings chalked on walls of Church and home doors? How you dare to take out procession against Taliban?

    The two Christians who resisted to Taliban, they killed them in execution style before their families. In a two hour long attack on Taseer Town Taliban killed two Christians and beaten dozens.

    Nazir S Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC condemned attack and killing of Christians in Taseer Town and urged government to provide protection to Christians in Pakistan who are unarmed and peaceful citizen.

    Nazir Bhatti said “The presence of Taliban was feared by MQM from months but no action was taken to stop Talibanization of Karachi which is being started by attack on Christians which is warning bell for Sindh government”

    “Taliban are planning to expand Sharia law of their choice in Karachi and Christian colony is fallen first victim on their target” Nazir Bhatti said
    Dr. Nazir S Bhatti appealed to USA and EU to press upon government of Pakistan to take necessary measure to stop Talibanization and their Sharia law in Pakistan.

    Nazir Bhatti urged Pakistani administration to provide security to Christians and ensure religious freedom in state which is feared by Sharia law in Swat Valley, Malakand and other areas.

    PCC also mailed a memorandum to President of Pakistan to provide shelters and finnacial support to hundreds of Christian families forced to migrate from Swat valley.

    Pakistan Christian Congress PCC have already filed petition with UNO New York offices on February 23, 2009, to award refugee status to Christian migrants of NWFP and other persecuted by Islamic laws in Pakistan.

    Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 10:34:45 -0400
    Tell me, do you know who your MP is?

    What are the contacts for some of the mail media in your town?
    If you would please share this with me it would help to fight this persecution. The louder the voice to stop this madness. You can help. Will you?

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