Taking God Seriously

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    An oracle is within my heart concerning the sinfulness of the wicked: there is no fear of God before his eyes. Psalm 36:1

    I believe God has highlighted here one of the main reasons we find it so easy to sin today: “There is no fear of God before (our) eyes”. If I find myself sinning repeatedly, do I have a proper fear and reverence of the Lord? Conversely, if I “love the Lord (my) God with all (my) heart, soul, mind and strength”, will I find it so easy to sin? The fact that we take our sin so lightly is proof that we do not fear God as He desires.

    Do we take our relationship with God seriously? Is the primary goal of our life to get to know Him and have a close and personal relationship with Him, or only to be blessed by Him and enjoy the things he gives to us? If we are serious about our relationship with God, and serious about pursuing holiness and obedience in order to glorify Him, we should not find sin such an easy thing to do. If we have a healthy fear of God, will we be so easily inclined to rebel against Him?

    Pray about your relationship with God this week. How can you take Him more seriously? Ask Him to show you how to have a proper fear of, and reverence for, Him. May He bless your prayers.

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