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    Somalian girl stoned to death, 14

    Maria Panagiotidis
    December 03, 2008

    Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow, 13 was stoned to death for alleged adultery. In actuality Aisha reported a rape and was then accused of being an adulterer rather then protected by the ‘authorities’.

    Amnesty International, East Africa Campaigner, Dave Copeman provides a report:

    Aisha Ibrahim Dubulow was living in Kismayo, a southern port city currently controlled by coalitions of Al-Shabab and clan militias. She had moved from a refugee camp three months earlier. When Aisha went to visit her grandmother in Mogadishu she was violently raped by three men on her travels. When Aisha’s family reported the rape, she was arrested and detained for committing ‘adultery.’ None of the men Aisha accused of rape were arrested. Aisha was detained by militia of the Kismayo authorities. With no trial or court she was taken to a football stadium on 27 October for stoning.

    Numerous eyewitnesses have told me that 50 men and a truckload of stones awaited Aisha, along with a crowd. A boy was shot dead when militia opened fire on members of the crowd who were trying to rescue Aisha. But this level of violence is not uncommon. Aisha was forced into a hole in the ground, and buried up to her neck. Her face and head were then pelted with stones.

    At one point, nurses were instructed to remove Aisha from the ground to check if she was still alive. As Aisha was still living they put her back into the hole. The men continued with the stoning until Aisha’s death.’



    So dramatic… :(
    I dunno what to say…
    Oh Jesus mercy upon them…

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