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    Zafka, a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ by the will of God JEHOVAH.
    Grace be to you and peace from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.

    I know its little bit early write about the Christmas and Satan eemm sorry Santa. But I always want to bring this attention to the Christians. And also better to be awake against Satan's deceptions like the Santa story.

    Will The Christmas Lie Ever End?


    Every year, Christians scream and complain about how commercial Christmas has become, how Toys and gifts replace JESUS as the “reason for the season.” Well guess what? Christians only have themselves to blame.

    1933 Coca Cola… introduced the “Magic of Santa Claus” to America. Surprisingly, The Churches, accepted it hook, line and Rudolf! Baptist, Pentecostal, Assemblies of God, Lutheran, and Catholic Churches welcomed the Christmas Lie of Santa Claus with open arms and cheerful smiles, and without a thought as to The Gateway to Hell they had opened wide.


    Christians often mention and even joke
    That SANTA scrambled is SATAN.

    I believe that SATAN is the one who is laughing the loudest as he uses Churches and Christian Parents to turn Christmas, The Birth of Christ, into his biggest Lie Ever Told,



    First, Santa is assigned the Divine quality of Omniscience, “of Knowing all things, “knowing what children have been naughty or nice.”. Then Santa rewards children according to their deeds, just like JESUS does…. hmmmmm.


    Next Santa comes on Christmas Eve, (Dec 24) The very same night when Christians all around the world believe The Saviour was born in a manger, who is Christ The Lord.


    Next, parents are forced to tell more and more and more lies about Santa as their Children grow older and begin to question Santa, such as “why are people buying so many toys? How can Santa come to our house, we dont have a fireplace?


    Then one dark day, Children realize that Santa Claus and his magic sled was all just a big fat lie! The very first thing that children ever believed in and hoped in was A LIE!

    Again, to make things worse, this lie was told, encouraged, re told, defended and retold by their own parents and grandparents.

    Last but not least, the Lie of Santa Claus happens on Christmas Day and is forever linked with and to The Birth of Christ.

    If you lie to your children about Santa, why should they believe you about JESUS ????


    The level of psychological and spiritual damage done to children by lying to them about Santa Claus is unknown?

    Maybe the reason that so many Christians cower and back down when they should stand for JESUS is because, deep down, they are afraid their Faith in Jesus Christ is false, a lie, just as their Faith in Santa was shattered as children?


    Is it a Sin to teach children that Santa Claus is real and brings toys to good girls and boys?

    Let's allow JESUS to answer this question for us.

    “And all manner of liars(Rev:21:8)

    “And all who love and maketh a lie shall not dwell in The Holy Cityof New Jerusalem, of Heaven. (Rev:22:14).

    If Santa Claus is real, you havenothing to worry about.
    If Santa is a Lie, then you are sinning against God and your children when you tell them that “Santa Is Real and brings toys to good girls and boys.”
    Lying to your Children about Santa is a work of Satan and will keep you out of heaven, unless you repent and practice truth.
    Why haven't the great “Men of God” such as Pat Robertson, Rev. Jerry Falwell, Billy Graham and John Haggee stood up and Renounced The Lie of Satan Claus? Why The Silence?


    Will Churches renounce Santa and lift up JESUS this Christmas????

    Dont bet on it! Pastors fear if they renounce The Lie of Santa, many people will become enraged and leave the Church, taking their donations with them.

    These cowardly shepherds then fear the phone will ring and their denominational leaders will fire and replace them with a Santa- loving Pastor.

    This year as Christians, you can renounce the lie of Santa Claus. You can STOP this Lie in your own household, under your own roof.

    We can still celebrate Christmas on Dec. 25, with the Tree and the lights, with presents and smiles and turkeys and hams, with music and cheesecake and all sorts of pies, all without Santa Claus and his magical lies.

    We can give our Children gifts and toys and tell them we do this to remember the wise men who brought gifts for JESUS, soon after he was born in a manger.

    We can celebrate Christmas, focused upon the Birth of The Savior without The Lie of Santa overshadowing all that we say and do.


    For this may be the last year when God allows Christmas to be turned into Satan's Lie and The Children set up to have their faith and hope shattered like glass.

    The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

    in HIM


    Luk 6:46 «Niçin beni `Rab,Rab' diye çağırıyorsunuz da söylediklerimi yapmıyorsunuz?

    Mat 7:21 “Bana, 'Ya Rab, ya Rab!' diye seslenen herkes Göklerin Egemenliği'ne girmeyecek. Ancak göklerdeki Babam'ın isteğini yerine getiren girecektir.

    Vahiy 1:7İşte bulutlarla geliyor! Her göz O'nu görecek, O'nun bedenini deşmiş olanlar bile. O'nun için dövünecek yeryüzünün bütün halkları. Evet, böyle olacak! Amin.

    Vahiy 22:21Rab İsa'nın lütfu kutsallarla birlikte olsun! Amin.

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