Received a pamflet?

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    Anahtar yönetici

    I am writing this to you in English because my Turkish is very poor and there’s no begin or end to it, I myself reside in The Netherlands fyi.

    I couldn’t find any other place to write this down as every single forum section seems to be closed!

    I was wondering though, recently we have received a pamflet from your website propagandizing Christianity. I’m not very fund of that, but that’s not my main issue.

    It seems that you had all our contact information (name, address, zip code etc) and I was wondering how you may have obtained those? Or if not here, who could I ask this question to?

    The pamflet was in Turkish and refered to this forum, the sender was named “Perry Stevens” from Bakersfield, Cali.

    I would very much appreciate any information on this matter.

    Kind regards,


    Anahtar yönetici

    Dear guest, thank you very much for the inquiery . Well, regarding your question, I may not give you a satisfying answer. I dont know who this Perry Stevens is. Most propably, he may be a genuine Christian who wants the Christian message be reached to turkish speaking people in Europe, and that he obtained your name and adress from a telephone book, and that he recommend his readers to come to our forum to learn more about Jesus and Christian faith. That is all I that can think of..

    If you have other questions concerning faith in God in Bible, or life after death, etc. feel free to come and ask..

    Sincerely yours


2 yazı görüntüleniyor - 1 ile 2 arası (toplam 2)
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