Attacts Go On To Turkish Church Leaders

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    Dear Friends,
    The particular reason for this mail is to encourage you to pray about the next hearing of the trial of the Malatya murderers this Monday ,14th Jan.
    There is a lot of ongoing publicity here about the threats and attacks on Turkish church leaders. On Thursday one of the widely-read moderate newspapers had a front page story about a youth who had been threatening to kill the church leader in a northern city, He was taken into custody with good intercepted telephone evidence,and then was released because he was under age.
    A week before that, a man who had been threatening the leader in Antalya was take into custody by the police. This is the background to Monday's trial.
    Over 20 top human rights lawyers have volunteered their services free (not their out of pocket expenses) because they do not want to see this event covered up and thereby bring a stain on the Turkish judicial system, which has ,generally, stood for the rule of law.
    Several of the church leaders are attending the court hearings (at their own expense) to show that the Turkish church takes this seriously.It is not something to be 'swept under the carpet', as have a number of mysterious public murders of recent years.
    Thanks again for standing with us.


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