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    “When you say Islam” – Immediately the world thinks of the Middle East, the Arab Block, Political Tension, Oil Cartels, World Turmoil… but the Christians cry ought to be “Lost Souls, People without Jesus, World Evangelism.”
    “Islam!” “What is it? Other than perhaps the most neglected mission field in the world, it has also become the world’s fastest growing religion. According to statistics in my study, in 1976 there were 300 million Muslims in the world, in 1981 they numbered 450 million, and by the end of 1985 they boasted a phenomenal 900,000,000 adherents to the religion of Islam, since then it has trippled and growing fast.
    One-fifth of the world’s entire population is Muslim, yet the average Christian knows very little of the meaning of Islam, and even fewer are doing much to reach them with the Life Changing Power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We need a spiritual revolution to take place in the ranks of Christianity, to mobilize the church to reach the Muslim world with the Love of the Living Lord.
    Islam is more than just a religion, it is an all encompassing way of life which influences the thinking and actions of its followers. “Islam” literally means “submission to the will of God.” A Muslim is one who submits to Allah, and holds to the Islamic faith.

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