Anahtar yönetici

There has been a constant assimilation by the state towards the Christian minorities in Turkey over the decades. Many non-muslim minorities leave Turkey and go to Western Europe and North America in order to preserve their existence. For example, the Assyrians (Süryaniler) of South East Turkey, had at the end of the 70ies a population of over 80.000, which today numbers only ca. 15.000.

But how about the converted Christians, who were by birth genuine Turks and muslims? Now that they chose to follow Jesus, they are no less Turks than the rest of the Muslim Turks. Will they too have to leave Turkey in order to live as humans? No.. We Turkish Christians have our mother land Turkey only.. and we love it there- ONE thing we want: Religious Freedom, Respect and a full execution of the Constitution.

You see.. Turkey is where the first believers were called Christians.. Paul comes from Tarsus in Turkey. Mary died and was buried in Ephesus in Turkey. I pray that the mesage of the Gospel will be proclaimed freely in Turkey and millions of people regardles ther religious identity will decide to follow Jesus. Amen