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4. Demons Attacking as a Result of a Generational Curse Line

Another very disturbing area in the realm of having to do battle with demonic spirits is the area where demons can sometimes jump from abusive and dysfunctional parents onto some of the children – trying to get some of the children to exhibit and manifest the same aberrant and dysfunctional behavior of their parents.
A perfect example of this would be a severe alcoholic parent. The children grow up seeing and watching their parent live a good portion of their married life in this state. As a result of that parent crossing over into this kind of heavier sin area with the Lord, demons will be allowed to come in and attach themselves to the alcoholic parent. And once they attach themselves to the alcoholic parent, they will then look to see if they can target anyone else in the family to attack.
They might try to get the alcoholic parent to try and abuse their spouse or their own children. They may try and get the alcoholic parent to try and take their own life or possibly kill their spouse or their children.
Again, the children are completely innocent. They themselves are not alcoholic. They have done nothing themselves to draw the demons onto their alcoholic parent. So why would God allow the demons to be able to jump onto some of the children to try and get them to do the same thing that they have been able to get the dysfunctional parent to do?
In some of these types of extreme cases, one or two of the children could end up becoming alcoholics themselves. What is happening behind the scenes in the spiritual realm is that the demons will try and get some of the children to move into this same kind of extreme activity, especially as they get older and move into their own marriages.
Demons cannot make you do anything. You always have free will to choose whether or not you will act out on their suggestions and promptings. All demons can do is try and persuade and influence you to cross over into these kinds of extreme realms.
Many children who end up crossing over into some of these same extreme areas are really operating under heavy demonic influence. This is a perfect example of God telling us in His Word that His people will go into captivity for having lack of knowledge. Many children are crossing over into the same extreme realms that their parents were walking in as a result of not having the appropriate knowledge to understand what is really going on behind the scenes in the spiritual realm.
Once again, God the Father gives us some keen insight from His Word as to why this kind of activity is being allowed to happen in some families. God tells us in His Word that the sins of the fathers can be visited down to 3 or 4 generations of future children.
Here is the verse where God is making this specific statement. This verse is from one of the actual 10 commandments, the second commandment.

“You shall not make for yourself any carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; you shall not bow down to them nor serve them. For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me, but showing mercy to thousands, to those who love Me and keep My commandments.” (Exodus 20:4-6)

Notice in this verse that God is using the word “visiting” – visiting the sins and iniquities of the father directly onto the children, traveling as far down as 3 or 4 generations of these future children.
What does God mean by the word “visiting?” I believe what God may be trying to tell us is that there will be severe consequences for certain types of sins and iniquities committed by parents of children. The Bible tells us that the “wages” of sin will be death.
If the father of a family is an extreme alcoholic, then the family could end up living in a miserable, oppressive and terrible environment. As a result of this kind of severe transgression against the Lord, the family could end up living in poverty.
As a result of living in poverty, the children may end up not getting the best education or the better opportunities to progress and grow into what God may have been calling them to become in Him in the first place. As a result of this poor and oppressive environment, some of these children will never find God or what His purpose and divine plan would have been for their lives.
Some of them may end up becoming alcoholics themselves. And then they end up repeating everything that their father did in their earlier family life and they in turn then marry, and then do the same thing to their families as their father did to them.
And then they have children, their children see and watch their dysfunctional behavior, and then some of them end up repeating the same behavior as they grow older and move into their own marriages. You thus have the sin of one father being visited down several generations – all because no one knew how to break the curse line that had developed as result of the original sin from the first sinning alcoholic father.
All of this kind of negative activity could perfectly describe what God is trying to tell us in this verse. And then to possibly top it off, you have demons who will come in and feed off of this kind of extreme behavior through the alcoholic parent, making everyone else’s life in the family miserable as a result. You walk into these kind of houses, and you can literally feel yourself walking into a dark oppressive cloud.
What happens in this kind of scenario in reference to actual demonic activity is that demons will target some of the children to go after. They will try and attach themselves to the child at an early age and start to try and pull them into this darker way of living.
If that child is a born-again Christian, they will try and sever the child’s personal relationship with the Lord. They will attack their mind, their emotions and their sense of self-confidence and self-esteem. Many of these children grow up with low levels of self-esteem and self-confidence as a result of all the verbal abuse they have had to put up with from the dysfunctional parent or parents.
When the child gets old enough to leave the home, the demons will follow the child and will still try and stay attached to them. I have personally run across several woman who had demons following them into their adult life and literally attacking them on a periodic basis. They would then command the demons to leave them in the name of Jesus, but that would only work for a short period of time, and then the demons would come back for additional attacks.

What is happening in the spiritual realm behind the scenes is that the demons apparently have developed enough of a legal right to stay attached to that child as a result of the sins and transgressions of the original sinning parent. What the demons have now formed out as a result of the original parent’s severe transgressions against the Lord is a curse line between that parent and the child.
What this now means is that before you can cast the demons out and off of you for good – you will first have to fully break the curse line that the demons have been feeding and operating on over all of those years from living with the original sinning parent.

We have another article in our site titled “Battle Prayer to Break a Generational Curse Line.” This article is also in the “Spiritual Warfare” section of our site.
In this article, I give you a step-by-step process on how to properly break a generational curse line that may have originated from a dysfunctional parent or parents. Once you properly break that curse line, then you can turn around and verbally engage with the demons and command them to now leave you in the name of Jesus Christ.
In this article, I also give you an exact prayer I drew up for a 16 year girl who had this exact problem – with demons literally attacking her from time to time – and sometimes quite severely as a result of the demons who were on her natural father. What these demons were attempting to do was to jump and transfer onto her to form out that curse line so that they could continue to follow, torment and harass her as she was growing into her adult life.
This girl was spiritually wise beyond her years. She had a very close, powerful walk with her Lord and Savior, and she had a lot of knowledge on spiritual warfare. But what she couldn’t figure out was why these demons were being allowed to chase after her and torment her like they had been doing for a number of years.
Once I received the background information on her and her family, it was very easy to spot where the demons were coming from. This article will explain to you how the father got the demons onto him in the first place, and then how they were attempting to jump from him onto his daughter to form out a curse line so that they could then continue to chase and follow after her into her adult life.