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well I think at the other hand,some people are interested in Christianity.They want to learn it,they want to know Christians closer but unfortunately some conditions are still not settled yet.
The party which has been on power and governs the country has forbiden the Mother Marry worship.
I think we are going to experience some difficulties until conditions are settled regularly just like 12 Apostles did.
Other big parties like CHP or MHP don’t have a different view on Christians from the party in power at all.
I joined a lot to CHP’s meetings in Beylikdüzü but believe me,they don’t think different from any other party.
so,from what I’ve seen,leftist parties must be engaged but first of all,we got to pray to our heavenly Father for help.Because you know,we are not capable to change hearts of people but the impossible things for us are always possible for God.